MYGPX is a new online platform that allows you to easily put your favorite itinerary(s) on sale. The platform can be used by companies, associations and individuals. 

Each seller is thoroughly screened before being able to start selling products. 

Mygpx does not only sell Gpx files. Behind every route or Gpx file there is a story and it is this story that is the most important. The relationship between the seller and the buyer plays an important role in this and will determine whether someone wants to buy a route or participate in the Challenge.

Along with the itinerary, other products are often offered, whether sponsored or not.

Why sell a route?

An original and healthy way to raise money for something or someone. 

* An organizer whose event cannot take place due to COVID-19
* A cycling club that offers a course instead of an annual meal
* Someone who wants to raise money for charity
* A (sports) brand that sees this as a marketing tool
* An athlete looking for financial support
* Offer a fun challenge that you can participate in at any time

Why buy a route?

Usually not only the gpx file is purchased, but also the whole story behind it.

* Out of sympathy and to support the seller 
* Because we want to be 100% sure that there are no surprises along the way, which is often the case when we find a random Gpx file on the Internet. 
* To take part in the proposed challenge and to measure oneself sportingly against others.

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